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The Drive Test . . .

After passing the Skills testing, you must then demonstrate proper driving techniques and practices, while on the public roadways with an Examiner.  You will usually follow a drive route that lasts from 30 - 45 minutes and involves multiple road, traffic and hazard situation.

YES, with Northland CDL Training you WILL actually drive our vehicle and prepare for the driving portion of the CDL testing.  

You need to become familiar with the tractor/trailer rig by actually driving it on the road before you are tested.  Our instructors will ride with you on the road and prepare you for every aspect of your pending driving test.  This is the final portion of the CDL testing and viewed as the most important.  We would never allow a student to attempt this portion of the testing without proper preparation, by actually driving the rig. There is simply too much involved and too many ways to fail. 

Student and with a Northland CDL Training Instructor heading out for a practice drive to prepare for upcoming testing with an Examiner.  Remember, WE PROVIDE THE VEHICLE TO USE WHEN YOU TEST!