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The CDL Knowledge Tests (We Call Them "Written Tests")

A CDL Permit (now called a Commercial Learners Permit or CLP), is NOW required for a minimum amount of time BEFORE an individual is eligible to be tested with a truck, a tractor/trailer or a school bus.

Therefore, it is now even more important that an individual takes the time to study and prepare themselves to pass the required written tests in a timely fashion.

Nothing is a substitute for "old fashion study time".  The knowledge needed to pass the required tests is basic to the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle.  The CDL Study Manual is FREE OF CHARGE and available at any Driver's License Station location in Iowa.  It can also be viewed or downloaded from the Iowa D.O.T. website by clicking on the link below:

When you study ONLY spend your time on the units needed for the required CDL Written Tests for a Class A CLP.  Those are:

For General Knowledge: Units 1, 2, 3

For Air Brakes: Unit 5

For Combination Vehicles: Unit 6

For Passenger & School Bus: Units 4 & 10 (in addition the General Knowledge & Air Brake Tests)

There are hundreds of sites that say they offer FREE Practice Test Questions to help you study and prepare for the CDL Written Tests. 

Northland CDL Training has done the research for you.

We have searched the internet and found, in our opinion, the most helpful sites that provide a variety of practice test questions for the Required Class A CDL Written Tests.  While every FREE site has both advertising and are paid to gather applications but companies, IF YOU SIMPLY FOCUS YOUR TIME ON THE PRACTICE TEST QUESTIONS ON THE SITE, IT CAN BE HELPFUL TO YOUR STUDY EFFORTS!

Select one of the sites below or click HERE for quality Practice Test Questions to help prepare you for your CDL Permit tests.